Connie Nelson

April 2020

Longtime Silverado Canyon resident Connie Nelson passed away in her sleep on Wednesday morning, Feb. 26, after a long battle with cancer. She is survived by her son Thomas, retired from the Navy and living in St. Louis; daughter Katiana (Katie) Khouri; grandson Apollo; and Katie’s dad Tom Morgan, with whom she lived for the last 35 years.
Connie was always willing to help anyone, especially when animals or children were involved. She was active in the canyons, inheriting the Canyon Watch radio system from Gene Robinson, and running it for years. She and friend Joanne Hubble got the emergency horse evacuation corral built by the old school site. She was LART certified (Large Animal Rescue Team), and in charge of large animal evacuation for the canyon. Connie instituted, and for years ran, the children’s Halloween party at the Community Center. When NOAA was predicting massive rains, Connie coordinated a creek cleanup with the volunteer group Rubicon. For these activities and countless others, Connie was honored as Local Hero at the 2019 Silverado Country Fair.
Felix, head cook for the local café, put it best when he visited Connie in the hospital. “When you got here," he told her, "the Canyon became a nicer place.”